Duplicate zero-length offline routes, can't delete them

[EDIT: After posting this, I realized I could simply use Android Settings-->Apps-->[pick RwGPS app from list]-->Storage-->Clear Data. Presto chango, problem solved.]


I have several offline routes that I cannot delete. I may have downloaded them in August before a trip to Copenhagen Denmark, but now I can't remove them and they are zero length. I try to scroll down past them to the offline routes I care about, but the page keeps "jumping" back to the start.

I deleted the app from my Android phone (running Marshmallow 6.0.1) and re-installed the latest version off the Google Play Store. All of the offline routes "magically" re-appeared, even though I wanted them to disappear when I re-installed the app.

Attached are a couple of screenshots showing the problem. I'm looking for any community users or RwGPS developers who can help with this. Thanks in advance!

- Jim in Austin, TX


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