Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and RFKLT+ won't connect with Ride With GPS

I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (running Android 7.0) and a Wahoo RFLKT+. I can get the Wahoo RFLKT+ to pair to the Ride With GPS app using the Settings -> Bluetooth and Sensors -> External Displays. I pair form the External Displays screen and I get the Ride With GPS in large letters and the time showing.  I also get prompted to update the RFLKT+, but when I go to the Wahoo Firmware app, it shows that it already has the latest firmware version.

Then, when I go to Record my Ride, the RFLKT+ goes blank.  So, when I turn the RFLKT+ back on, it won't connect with Ride With  GPS.  It just shows Searching .. and never connects.  A couple times, I've been able to hold buttons on the RFLKT+ and Searching ... changes to Connecting ... and it actually works.  


Any suggestions?  Thanks!

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