Geotagging gets lost when adding photos to sync'ed ride

Normally, when I'm recording a ride on my iPhone with the RideWithGPS app, any photos I take from within the app will be geotagged.  Later on, when I view the ride on the website, it will show little dots along the route, which I can click on to see the photos I took at that location.  A very nice feature for scenic rides.

However, if I take photos in the app, then try to add them to a ride sync'ed from my GPS (Wahoo ELEMNT), I don't get the little location dots anymore, though the photos do show up attached to the ride.  Does anyone know if this is supposed to be possible, and if so what the correct procedure is?

Here's what I do step-by-step.

1) From the Wahoo ELEMNT, start recording the ride

2) From the iOS RideWithGPS app, also start recording the ride (just in case it needs to be in record mode to save the geotagging)

3) Take photos along the route from within the app

4) After ride, sync Wahoo to phone.  I now have 2 recordings of the same ride, one with photos attached, and one without (the one I sync'ed from the Wahoo). 

5) Use the "Add Photos" function to add photos to the Wahoo ride.

6) Delete the RwGPS recording.


7) View ride from website to confirm that location dots do not appear.



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