Speed with Stages Power Meter

I have a Stages power meter. I am not currently using a speed sensor. I set the wheel circumference in the BTE app settings for Stages and turned on all the switches but the speed recorded on my first test ride ranged from 0.8mph to 9mph with an average speed of 1mph. It should have captured an average in the 16-18mph range and a max speed of 30+mph. Metric is NOT enabled. RWGP app version should be 1.2 (1) but the version string in the app is displaying 1.0 Stages firmware v 2.0.58. Cadence and power values seem to be about right.

RWGPS app tracked ride: http://ridewithgps.com/trips/3078643 (No support for RFLKT+ so not used)

Cyclemeter app tracked ride: http://ridewithgps.com/trips/3079965 (Includes RFLKT+ data)

Cyclemeter is unable to calculate speed from the Stages PM either so the speed on this second ride is from GPS data.

To clarify, why put a speed toggle and wheel circumference field in with the Stages PM sensor? It only measures power and cadence. The wheel circumference field should only be included with a speed sensor. My scenario should have just used my GPS speed, right? But it did some weird and wonky stuff with speed.


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