Sensor settings persistence and overall functionality

Currently the sensors page does not display any persisted data other than the name of the sensor. If you try and open a particular sensor setting it will not show configured options unless it can actually connect with the sensor in question.

Please display the persisted sensor configuration settings and display them without having to actually connect. Cyclemeter has the best implementation of this idea - even better than Wahoo's. I would like to see the RWGPS app sensor data be persistent and visible similar to Cyclemeter WITHOUT having to connect to the sensors. If you do happen to be connected display the configured sensor data live. Example - I may have my bike in the stand tweaking things and checking sensor data. So a master page of all known sensors with monitored metrics active when the sensor is actually connected (like Cyclemeter) is ideal for testing and confirming everything works and conflicting sensor inputs are not creating problems.

BTW the sensor names are auto-defined and ungraceful, please allow us to edit the name and maybe a toggle to enable/disable in case we have multiple sensors and/or environments.

For example, I have a Stages Power meter and a Wahoo KICKR. Both measure power. I want to be able to choose between using the KICKR power vs the Stages power for an indoor training session. Ideally, it would be great to display and capture both to analyze the difference between crank-based power and power at the wheel. I also need to be able to select where my cadence data is coming from, speed, since more and more of these metrics are becoming available with different sensors.



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