Defect changing routes while one is active after offline map update

I noticed an interesting problem using the latest version installed a few days ago, which supports offline maps.

  • Select a route which you have stored for offline usage (maps and route)
  • Start riding it (and recording it), and log a few miles with it (doesn't matter if you are not on the course)
  • Then navigate back to the main app screen, and search for a new ride (this happened to me in real life; I was riding a route, and decided to change to another one at some point)
  • Select a route from the searched ones, and say "ride this"

At that point you are back on the map/recording screen; but, while you would expect that now the active route is the one you just searched, the active route on the map is still the one which you selected initially.

I'm not sure if the fact that the initial selection was one of the available offline/downloaded routes is relevant or not; but that's the scenario which I noticed.


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