Battery life

How long is your iPhone battery lasting when recording your ride using the RWGPS iPhone App? Is it the same if you are also using the app to provide navigation cues, or is it appreciably less? What about the other way around, using the app for navigation cues, but not to record a track of the ride?

My goal has been to chuck the Garmin Edge and rely on my iPhone for navigation, and recording my rides. However, I ride long distances, 200 miles or more in a day at times, and battery life is a significant issue. The Garmin Edge 800 battery will last just barely long enough for a double century if my pace is good, but if it is a big climbing ride (like Alta Alpina with 20,000'), I have to carry an external battery to recharge the Garmin during the ride.

My appreciation of the iPhone is that the battery may not even last long enough to finish a century ride if I am using location services in order to record a GPS track. What is the experience of y'all in using the RWGPS iPhone app? Thanks!


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