Ride pause bug

This is a fairly reproducible bug, using iPhone 6, latest OS and app version.

I pause the ride with the RFLKT.  After 60 seconds or so, the RFLKT screen goes blank.  In order to restart the ride, I have to hit the record button on my phone.  RFLKT cannot reconnect to the app while recording is paused.

When the ride is recording again, cadence is not detected.  If I change the cadence metric to something else and then back again, cadence is now detected.  However, the distance is now set back to zero.  Elevation gain is preserved.  AMS is recorded as the new distance over the entire time so that average MPH is something like 0.2.  After the ride is completed and saved, the correct total distance is displayed.

It is very frustrating having the displayed distance go back to zero every time I pause for more than a minute or two.


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