[bug] Recording paused, app non-responsive

The problem: On this ride http://ridewithgps.com/trips/5473606, there are a couple of sections where the GPS jumps.
That's because, at the start of that jump, the app has stopped recording altogether, without any warning, and the rflkt has frozen.
In each case, I didn't realize till later what had happened.
I tried pause / resume -- it didn't work to get it recording again. The display stayed frozen, and the map didn't update.
It wasn't until I actually killed the app using the iOS controls and then restarted (which resumes the ride) that I was able to get it recording again.

My setup: I use an iPhone 6 with the latest iOS RWG app. It's paired to a RFKLT+ to display stats.
The red flag here was that just before the ride, I updated the rflkt firmware. RWG prompted me to, and it led me to the Wahoo app and all that.

My theories: It could have to do with the rfklt firmware, though I don't see why that would effect the RWG recording.
The rflkt firmware definitely updated some part of the connection with RWG because they actually fixed a bug where it would take two tries to pair with RWG. Now it connects on the first, that's a welcome fix.
Alternatively, all these drops were in areas with bad network coverage, but that could be a coincidence.

Please look into this since it rendered the data from this ride fairly useless in key sections.


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