Difficulty with RWGPS and Pairing to Wahoo RFLKT


I have been using RWGPS with a Wahoo RFLKT+ for a year or more.  I tend to use the Wahoo App when on group rides where I know where I'm going and RWGPS when on unfamiliar roads and a planned event.  With the latest versions of RWGPS on my iPhone 6s+ with latest OS and the RFLKT+ I am having pairing problems.  I can only get the devices to pair if I force the iPhone to forget the RFLKT+ in the systems/bluetooth list and then repair.  That only lasts until the RFLKT+ screen turns off (for any reason).  Then I am unable to turn start a ride and connect to the RFLKT unless I repeat the above procedure.  Other apps are not having this problem with the RFLKT so I'm assuming it's an issues with RWGPS.

Anybody else seeing this?  I'm leading a century with my club tomorrow and this problem is going to give me grief as I'm counting on the turn-by-turn instructions.

Thanks for any help,



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