Is Apple Watch 3 HRM fir for purpose?

Hi, 1st post and I need some Apple Watch help please.

When I ride, I use RWGPS on my iPhone 7 (iOS 11.2.5) as my head unit.  I’ve wanted Heart Rate for some time and at Christmas I received an Apple Watch 3.

However, so far I’m not that impressed and have a couple of issues that I’d like some help with please:


I start a ride and RWGPS is turned on both for my iPhone and Apple Watch.  For my first 3 rides of this year everything synced ok, but the heart rate was updating perhaps every 8 – 10 mins.  Which is pretty pointless.

Apple Support were of no help and said this can’t be true.

RWGPS support said it’s an Apple issue as they can’t control the HR frequency (which seems plausible).


This week, after chatting with Apple Care I reset my Apple Watch and updated from watchOS 4.2 to 4.2.2

I resynced my watch to RWGPS and when I started today’s ride the watch could detect the power and other stats from my iPhone, but the iPhone only received 1 heart rate value.  And the Watch didn’t show any values either.

I restarted the app part way through my ride and the HR wasn’t detected at all.  So, only 1 HR reading in total during a 2 hr ride.

Are there any fix for my issues?


Separately, I’ve done 5 treadmill runs and the Apple Watch HR frequency is patchy at best using the Nike app but better using the Apple WorkOut app.  Even then however, the sampling frequency is not great.

So should I just buy a Wahoo Tickr or another chest HRM?


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