Career Performance Analytics

The request is:
A place to graphically compare all the metrics of my RWGPS career in my database with all the rides of the day averaged for each data point(in case of multiple recorded rides/day). That data then graphed not by date, but by ride day of the year (1-365). For example, first ride of this year on 2-11-18 would represent day 1 of 365. This way the first ride of the year can be compared with the first ride of the previous years regardless of date.

I keep track of my metric data from RWGPS in a spreadsheet for basically the sole purpose of generating the attached graph.

It's a graph of the entire riding season, illustrating average speed. I'm not as fast as i want to be, so this data comparison matters to me. It's showing me that over the course of the last 6 years, I've improved my average speed every season. The amount of training I do is basically the same each year(not enough), so it's nice to see the improvement.

I've recently been using a power meter and will soon be charting it's data in the same manner as well. (So for the feature request, this would be one of many options on a dropdown selection of metrics).

Maybe you'd want to see your heartrate maximums over time, average cadence progression, minimum wattage..etc.

I think it's a feature that users may find interesting.



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