Routes won't sync with my Wahoo Element Bolt via my iPhone 10

I have de-linked and linked RWGPS on the app no my phone (under linked accounts). I have unpaired and paired Bolt with the Elemnt app on my phone.
I cannot get the GPS routes to show up on my Bolt.
Here is what I am doing to sync the ride on my Element bolt. I find the route I want to sync. I then click on "Send to my device", choose Wahoo. At this point, it says that the route has been added to my "Pinned routes". I then click on next and follow the prompts. It then says the following:
"On your ELEMNT, bring up the Routes screen, and press the Sync button.

Once syncing is complete, sort your synced routes by Starred, bringing starred routes to the top of your route list."

After I sync, no rides show up under my starred rides.

What am I doing wrong?


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