Garmin Connect Question


I use Ride With Gps to guide me on a 26km commute to work with a galaxy S8. I also record the same ride, and many much smaller rides around town, with my Garmin vívoactive 3. The Garmin Connect data syncs to Strava.

So my question is, does the code in rwpgs take a long time to delete the duplicate ride from garmin. Furthermore, is there a point syncing the two or will it just be an unnecessary headache, and I'll end up deleting rides anyway?

I do see that "There is code in place to eliminate any duplicates between Ride with GPS and Garmin Connect" on https://ridewithgps.com/help/automatic-sync-with-garmin-connect - but how reliable is this in practice?

Just curious about people's experience using the two together.



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