Routing with OSM Cycle

Hi All,

Can anyone explain the routing algorithm used (in layman's terms) when the base map is set to OSM Cycle?  For background, I choose a start and end point that are a number of miles apart through an area of the state for which I am unfamiliar.  I see that the route automatically chosen is mostly backroads i.e. secondary roads here in Virginia, but there are some primary and heavily traveled roads in the route as well.

Is the path that is chosen based upon the road classification?  Picking the lower classified roads would make sense and probably is the best option the algorithm can use.  Unless terrain is accounted for also.  I know that traffic volume data is not available for all roads.

I ask because I want to know how this works when I let it route me through areas that I am unfamiliar and how much faith I can place in it.

Thanks in advance.



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